IT System

We provide consulting, systems analysis, design and installation of IT systems. By engineers with over 10 years experience.

IT Support

We are an IT outsourcing, IT professionals in your office to keep your servers and network running smoothly. Our engineers will visit your site or sites on a monthly, weekly or daily basis to perform preventative maintenance, check backups and network health, and address user helpdesk requests.


With our outsourcing, you get to service from our of specialised experts without the overhead of hiring full-time staff. That means no taxes, no sick leave, no severance pay and no risk. By only paying only for the service that you need, you can tailor your package to cost only a fraction of the salary of a full-time IT support team.
Our engineers will assess your network to look for risk factors such as data protection and security, as well as make recommendations to make your computer use more stable and cheaper to operate.

We Save You Money

Our team specialises in standardising Windows networks via domain migration, data backup, either to local NAS or to the cloud and network hardening to protect you from malware and intruders. We’ll also keep an eye on your servers, make sure your internet connection is working the best it can and make recommendations on how your existing IT services can be refined to cut costs.

Dedicated Helpdesk

Our helpdesk service means that your staff has a dedicated resource to address user complaints about email, software, viruses or whatever ails your desktop environment. Every office has a resident ‘computer wiz’ who everybody asks for help. Free up that person’s time to do their real job by using our expert support technicians to debug and correct user difficulties.

Specialised Deployments

The service doesn’t stop there. Our specialists will install and maintain dedicated firewall appliances to protect your network. We can transform your telephone system to voice-over-IP, set up virtual or dedicated wide-area-networks (WAN) or Wi-Fi your office.
These are just a few of the reasons why ITI is trusted by some of the region’s and the world’s largest names.

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